image2993 Sudbury Amateur Radio Club

ARRL Field Day 2023

 HF yagi assembly

1) Frank VE3AC and Mike VA3MYK assembling HF yagi antenna

HF Yagi Hoisting

2) Preparing to hoist the HF yagi

 Command  Post trailer

3) GSPS Command Post trailer with yagi antenna after mast extended

FrankVE3AC Rob Ve3SUD

4) Frank VE3AC and Rob VE3SUD - operating in Command Post trailer


Steve Ve3RX

5) Steve VE3RX - SSB and CW operator in 2nd trailer



6) Ten year old Samantha ecstatic after contacting Mississippi


red cross

  7)  Red Cross Pavilion with Marc VE3SNA (left) and Red Cross volunteers


North Shore SnR

8) North Shore Search and Rescue Volunteers


Ve3ZHF Guys tent

9) Guy's (VE3ZHF) operating tent



10) Chuck VE3SGK operating SSB