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Post #1, Apr 2,2015 - FIELD DAY 2015 - MANITOULIN

From the moderator: Apologies if this is duplicate information for those whom Jim has mailed directly from his group. If there are any inquiries about this information please contact Jim directly, his email is at the bottom.



I will start this announcement by thanking Mr. Robbie Colwell; Manager
of the Gore Bay airport for agreeing to let us deploy our ARES people to
use the Auxiliary Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the Gore
Bay airport and conduct our exercise from there. The Gore Bay airport
would be a key element in any emergency situation especially if a mass
evacuation of the Island was implemented. The Gore Bay-Manitoulin
Airport is a fully functional airport located 5 nautical miles west
southwest of Gore Bay, in the township of Gordon/Barrie Island.

The EOC is equipped with washrooms, shelter, various amenities and an
indoor sheltered venue where we can set up and operate our equipment. It
was explained to Mr. Colwell that operations typically last a continuous
twenty-four hours, requiring scheduled relief operators to keep stations
on the air, he was OK with that and encouraged us to please use the
facility. This year’s field day will be held on June 27-28, 2015,
beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and ending at 2100 UTC Sunday.

It is typically the largest single emergency preparedness exercise our
club gets involved in; while the benefits to local served agencies and
the communities on Manitoulin as a result of these exercises are

Jim McLean

Emergency Coordinator

Manitoulin - North Shore


Post #2, Apr 8,2015 - By Ken, VE3PHC In order to promote some conversation in the newsgroup, I have put some resource information at the end of this post. Please take a moment to look it over and if you have more information to add or corrections to the information I would really appreciate your input. I hope you find it a useful reference. I will post a more complete update when appropriate. Just reply to this post and I will add your information to the list. The newsgroup is primarily for the Northern Ontario amateur community but we welcome any news and information that may be of interest. That being said, for those outside the Sudbury and Manitoulin areas, please help us expand the attached reference information by sending in your local information. If there are any questions on the attached information, like what's APRS or D-STAR? I would be happy to contribute some short explanations. Along that line, I was hoping to create a resource area on the website for reference like this as well as some short tutorials like "Using IRLP" or "Programming D-STAR radios" Part of the idea here is to ascertain the level of information that people would like to see, I know some are beginners and some are seasoned amateurs the question is what kind of information and content would you find interesting? Please feel free to send in a note (not everything has to be posted) letting me know if there's something you would like to see from the group. Thanks, Ken VE3PHC Area Reference Material: ----------------------- Sudbury Area Services: VE3SRG - 147.060 (-) 100hz, Asterisk Node 27165, Sudbury VE3YGR - 444.200 (+) IRLP Node 2314, Sudbury VE3BLZ - 146.700 (-) 100hz, Permanenty Linked to VE3URU system (There's an Asterisk node on this system too), Alban VE3RKN - 147.390 (+) , Dowling VE3RKN - 444.400 (+) 156.7hz, Asterisk Node #29044, Echolink Node 828967, Garson VE3RVE - 147.210 (+) 100hz, Sudbury VA3SRG - 147.090 (+) DSTAR VA3SRG-C Dashboard URL: , Sudbury Winlink - 145.070 (National Frequency), Sudbury Airport Area VE3BLZ - 144.390 APRS Digipeater (National Frequency), Sudbury South End APRS Site URL: Manitoulin Area Services: VE3RMI - 147.270 (+) (Asterisk Node to come, hint hint), Little Current VE3RQQ - 444.300 (+) IRLP Node 2860, McLean's Mountain near Little Current VE3RQQ - 146.550 (s) 156.7hZ, Asterisk Node 2359 VE3LTR - 146.670 (-) , Kagawong VE3RII - 444.175 (+) 156.7hz, Asterisk Node 28505, Manitowaning VE3RQQ - 144.390 APRS iGate/Digipeater (National Frequency) VE3RXR - 442.050 (+) D-STAR VE3RXR-B Dashboard URL: , Little Current VE3RXR - 145.310 (-) D-STAR VE3RXR-C Other: XRF021 (and other XRF's) Dashboard URL: *** Ramesh has done an amazing amount of work on his site there is a huge amount of information available for all levels of amateur radio enthuiasts, definitely work a look *** APRS Site URL: Locally accessible Nets: SARC net : Sunday & Wednesday at 7:30 pm on VE3SRG Procom net : Sunday and Thursday at 8:00 pm on VE3SRG (Asterisk linked), directed net Northern Ontario D-Star net : Monday Nights at 8:00 pm on VA3SRG-G Trans Canada Net : Wednesday at 11:00 am on VE3YGR (IRLP linked) Manitoulin nets : Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on VE3RMI


Post #3, Apr 11,2015 - By Jim Hastings, VA3AUC (Edited for those who may not be able to open the attached file) Information for CANWARN members and others who may find weather related information interesting: An excellent list of resources and frequencies suitable for placing in your ham shack. If you are interested in CANWARN, start by checking out the link at the bottom. (For your convenience PDF and Word versions attached - Thanks, Jim) WEATHER RELATED FREQUENCIES & RESOURCES My Canwarn Number is: ______________________ . Canwarn report telephone number: 1-800-444-9276 Canwarn IRLP conference node: [9] [0] [3] [0] Environment Canada Weather Radio Frequencies: Little Current: 162.400 Sudbury: 162.400 Sault Ste. Marie: 162.400 To report weather radio outage call: 1-877-789-7733 Canadian Location Codes (CLC) for Environment Canada Weather Radios: Manitoulin Island: 049930 Sudbury: 049100 Sault Ste. Marie: 048820 Manitoulin Island, North Shore and Killarney: 049900 Marine Weather: Marine Channel 83B (Silver Water transmitter): 161.775 MHz FM Automatic Weather Observing System Radio Frequencies: Gore Bay Airport Automatic Weather Radio: 128.725 VHF AM Sudbury Airport Automatic Weather Radio: 127.40 VHF AM Sault Ste. Marie Airport Automatic Weather Radio: 133.05 VHF AM Weather related links: Canwarn:;n=82ADE061-1 CoCoRaHS Canada:


Post#4, Apr 12, 2015 - By, Jim McLean, VE3LJM

(Moderator: Once again, sorry for any duplication)

Amateur Radio Emergency Services - Announcement

Al Boyd, ARES Section Manager for Ontario North (ONN) and Chair of the
Ontario Section Managers Council is pleased to announce that Jim McLean
of Kagawong has been appointed to the position of District Emergency
Coordinator (DEC) for the Killarney sector. The Killarney sector
encompasses the districts of Manitoulin, Sudbury and Timiskaming.

Jim will also continue his duties of Emergency Coordinator for
Manitoulin and the North Shore, a job that he has done for the past 10
years. Mr. McLean will report to Stiig Larsen, Section Emergency
Coordinator (SEC).

These changes are effective immediately.

Post#5, Apr 12 2015 - Forwarded by Stiig Larsen VE3LBX (Moderator: for those who are interested, RAC bulletins are also available on-line at several locations such as Please consider joining RAC in order to give amateurs a better voice at the national level, for more information some of the vital roles that RAC plays, please visit their website - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for April 11, 2015 NATIONAL NEWS ONTARIO SECTIONS NEWS 1. Ontario North Section, new ARES appointments. Due to family commitments Dave Hayes VE3JX has retired as SEC effective April 1st. Thanks Dave for your years of support to the ARES program. Stiig Larsen, VE3LBX has been appointed to the SEC position effective April 1st. Jim McLean, VE3LJM has been appointed to the DEC position for Killarney District. Al Boyd VE3AJB, SM Ontario North 2. Canwarn training - Week of April 26th to May 2nd. April 29 – 1 PM – Central Huron/Blyth – Emergency Services Training Centre, 40193 Blyth Road April 29 – 7 PM – Goderich – Town of Goderich Council Chambers, 57 West St May 2 – 9 AM – Toronto – Environment Canada Headquarters, 4905 Dufferin St please RSVP to canwarn.ontario @ if you plan to attend these sessions. 3. Indoor / outdoor HAM RADIO Swapfest Sponsor: Barrie Amateur Radio Club and the Junk in the Trunk Event Newmarket Date/Time: May 2nd - 07:30 to 11:30 AM Closest town: South / West end of Barrie, Ontario Location: Grenfell Community Centre / Arena - 1989 Sunnidale Road, Grenfel, ON L0L 1Y0 Take Highway 400 to Dunlop Road West (Hwy 90), Head 5km west on Dunlop Road West to Pinegrove Road, turn right proceed north 1 km to Sunnidale Road. Turn Right, proceed 500m. Grenfell Community centre is on your right. Vendors/tailgators $7.00 - Set up inside or out !! - Bring a table for your set up. Rain or Shine. Cost: General Admission FREE !! ! ! Talk-in frequency: Talk In - 147.000 + Tone 156.7 Coffee and snacks available. For more info: Mike VE3MKX Webpage: 4. Ontario QSO Party next weekend. Please don't forget to operate in the Ontario QSO Party next weekend on Saturday April 18 from 1800Z to 0500Z April 19, and 1200Z to 1800Z on April 19. See how many of the 58 Ontario areas you can work on ssb and cw. Your exchange is a signal report and your county, district or single tier municipality. Full details are at ITEMS OF INTEREST 5. DIGITAL VOICE - WHICH WAY TO GO If your club is thinking of replacing its current repeater with a new Digital Voice system but don't know what the right choice is, help has arrived in the form of a new video release from HamRadioNow.TV. The VHF/UHF DV System Comparison is the story of a group of Digital Voice enthusiasts in Charlotte, North Carolina, who have repeaters for every digital voice system available except P-25. They have D-STAR, DMR/ MotoTRBO and even a new Yaesu System Fusion machine. So they're in a pretty good position to evaluate the various technologies. In episode 195 of HamRadioNow, Roland Kraatz, W9HPX gives a simple to understand talk at the Charlotte Hamfest, comparing all three. The hour long presentation is at (ARNewsline, HRN) 6. South African ISP commercial This internet provider commercial (1:15) is worth a watch, it should have been a ham radio commercial. (or search youtube for MTN Internet 'Space') ===================================================================== Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Posted by: Paul Caccamo