image2993 Sudbury Amateur Radio Club


Meeting Location:  Independent Living, Sudbury-Manitoulin

125 Durham St., Sudbury

Club meetings are usually held the last Monday of the month from September to November and January to June.

Time: 7:00 PM


Previous Presentation Topics:

November 26th,  2012 -  ALLSTAR/Asterisk Presentation by Ken VE3PHC & Pat VE3HZQ

February 4th, 2013 - Introduction to Software Defined Radio (SDR) by Vic VE3KBU - proposed Club project for members to learn more about SDR using an inexpensive USB DVB-T receiver in conjunction with a Windows or Linux based computer.

Source: QST Magazine January 2013 pages 30 to 35.

February 25th, 2013  - Steve VE3IAM and Vic VE3KBU demonstrated Software Defined Radio using an inexpensive USB DVB-T receiver ( in conjunction with SDR # software (shareware). Steve and Vic each had a USB receiver connected to their Windows notebook computers and demonstrated the use of SDR #. Broadcast FM was received and tests were done monitoring the output of the VE3SRG repeater and the simplex frequency of 146.52 using handheld radios in the meeting room. The sensitivity and selectivity of the DVB-T receivers is wanting.  There are commercially available HF up-converters which can be used to produce an "IF" input frequency for the USB receiver. Prices for assembled up-converters start at $50.

September 30th, 2013  WebSDR by Vic VE3KBU

Development activity in SDR is steadily progressing and is one area of our hobby where anyone can participate/learn/contribute. Vic introduced the concepts and implementation of basic SDR. This will appeal to the newbie who is considering getting their feet wet in these exciting new developments. Assuming you have internet access, you can use various Web-SDR receivers located around the world to check signal propagation - imagine the possibilities. For one, you can determine if your transmission is being heard in Europe. To learn more, check the slides of the presentation.

October 28th, 2013 SDR Receivers by Vic VE3KBU

In September, WEB-SDR was introduced to the members. This month we will examine how discrete component receivers from Amateur Radio Equipment manufacturers measure up against commercial Amateur SDR equipment available from manufacturers (e.g., FlexRadio, Apache Labs and Elecraft). Sherwood Engineering's web site lists many Amateur radio HF (trans)receivers with key parameters as determined in Sherwood's laboratory. SDR-based receivers are ranked near the top of list.