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2014 March: Minutes
 The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by interim president Roger ve3zi.
There was no treasurers report.
Introduction of members was done.

Thanks to Bill ve3bek who gave a talk on the florida hamcation.
Thanks to Ken ve3phc for fixing the d star repeater.
Discussion on field day at the next meeting in april.
Roger ve3zi to continue on as interm president of the club.
Discussion on the club having no volunteer radio license examiners...To be continued.

It is with great sadness and regret that the club announces the following silent keys:
Harry ve3tei and Don ve3us. Our thoughts and condolences go out to their families and friends.

Roger, ve3zi gave a presentation on the phase meter he constructed to check coax etc..
At the next meeting, Bob ve3rfu will be making a presentation on his work and antennas used for inter-planetary work.

2014 June 30th

Six in attendance – no quorum - no formal minutes.
Discussions included the following items:
1)            Roger VE3ZI reported on having our meetings at the Laughing Buddha on Elgin Street in Sudbury.  Place will be able to supply coffee etc. including beer.  May not have the room every month.  Date and time to be confirmed.
2)            Club approached by the Dragon Boat Festival to supply communications.  Doug VE3DNS to contact ARES.
3)            Steve VE3RX and Roger VE3ZI attended City’s public meeting re. tower policy for  communication towers. 
Notes taken by Stiig VE3LBX
(Editor's Note: Industry Canada's policy has been revised as listed on their web site effective July 15, 2014. The CPC-2-0-03 Exclusions sub section does state as follows:

"The following proposals are excluded from land-use authority and public consultation requirements:

  • New Antenna Systems: where the height is less than 15 metres above ground level. This exclusion does not apply to antenna systems proposed by telecommunications carriers, broadcasting undertakings or third party tower owners;"
2015 June 30th

Amended Club By-Laws (Dated June 2nd, 2015) can be found here.  Changes endorsed by quorum of 10 members:

(1) Quorum for official meeting purposes has been changed from 10 members to 3 members.

(2) Visitors are permitted to attend for a maximum of three meetings in any one calendar year, after which they must join the club.

(3) The treasurer shall present a financial report to the Annual General Meeting.

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The last Club newsletter was published in March of 2013. Following that date only minutes from meetings are published. Thanks to Cam VE3JDK for his many years of service publishing the newsletter.


* No minutes - quorum requirements not met.